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Supported Platforms

FAA approved, high-precision, aftermarket aerospace replacement parts for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.


Rolls Royce 250 Replacement Parts

EXTEX’s RR250 aftermarket parts set the standard for operational excellence.

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PT6 Replacement Parts

Extex Engineered Products PT6 replacement parts deliver the highest quality while helping to achieve lower operating costs.

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Bell Helicopter Replacement Parts

We provide a comprehensive customer-driven offering of Bell approved replacement parts that are used on over 23 aircraft models.

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T53 Engine Replacement Parts

EXTEX replacement parts for the T53 engine meet the quality standard, providing you with exceptional value.

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APU Replacement Parts

We deliver APU replacement parts while lowering operating costs and offering unique alternatives with continued innovation.

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MD Helicopter Replacement Parts

EXTEX manufactures the highest performing flight critical parts for MD Helicopters.

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Airbus Helicopter Replacement Parts

With our constantly growing parts list, our new Airbus Helicopter replacement parts ensure that line maintenance items are available when you need them.

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T56 Replacement Parts

We lower your maintenance costs by providing FAA-approved replacement parts for the T56 engine.

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