KAflex Drive Systems

Aerospace drive system applications present some of the most challenging and demanding power transmission requirements for flexible coupling elements. In an effort to avoid potential drive shaft problems, these flight-critical applications earned the Kamatics’ KAflex® and Tufflex® driveshaft systems their pedigree and reputation for safety that our drive shaft suppliers are looking for. For close to four decades, our maintenance-free couplings have been the first choice for helicopter main-shaft and tail rotor driveline locations; applications where failure is not an option as component malfunction can mean loss of life.

Bell 407 Replacement Parts

We continue to pursue and support the Bell 407 platform with FAA approved replacement parts. Our design team is always striving to uphold EXTEX precision and excellence.

Bell 206 Replacement Parts

EXTEX continues to build comprehensive replacement parts for the Bell 206 aircraft. Maintaining low operating cost and the highest of quality.

PT6 Replacement Parts

Extex Engineered Products PT6 replacement parts deliver the highest quality while helping to achieve lower operating costs.