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Update NPRM-UH1

To all of our UH1 partners, customers, & maintainers: We wanted to highlight a recently published “Notice of proposed rulemaking” (NPRM) for the UH1 Driveshafts (P/N) SKCP2180-1, SKCP2281-1, SKCP2281-1R, and […]

Client Testimonial: Rauch Performance Turbine, LLC

“Rauch Performance Turbine depends on the dedication, innovation and professionalism of EXTEX PMA parts. Nothing beats new parts for consistent performance. EXTEX empowers us to offer these parts to our […]

Marking a PMA Industry Milestone: New CFM Agreement

For decades, OEMs monopolized the replacement parts market with their own product, and dominated that industry as a result.  In the early 1990s, PMA usage became more widespread and created unwelcome competition for OEMs.

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