Client Testimonial: Southern Cross Aviation - EXTEX Engineered

Client Testimonial: Southern Cross Aviation

To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

Driven by a customer-first approach at Southern Cross Aviation, we consistently prioritize the highest standards in aviation spare parts and services. It’s this dedication to our clientele that guides us to partners who resonate with our values, and we’re proud to declare EXTEX Engineered Products as one of our most trusted. With over three and a half decades in the aviation industry, we’ve collaborated with many esteemed suppliers. Yet, the unparalleled precision, quality, and customer service from EXTEX stand as a shining example of such excellence.

Given our broad global presence and engagement in various aviation sectors, the range of aftermarket parts offered by EXTEX has played a pivotal role in our success. Their products not only meet but often exceed our stringent quality checks, ensuring we provide nothing but the best to our myriad of clientele.

Every interaction with the EXTEX team reflects their dedication to the industry and their customers. Their timely responses, backed by expertise, echo the same commitment to excellence that Southern Cross Aviation values. As an authorized dealer, we can attest to the consistent quality of their aerospace replacement parts, the precision in their design, and the reliability in delivery.

At Southern Cross Aviation, we deliver more than just parts; we forge trust and offer assurance to our clientele. Partnering with EXTEX amplifies that commitment.


Ricardo Carvalho – Director of Sales

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