Tail Rotor Hub

The tail rotor hub is designed to counter the torque produced by the rotation of the main rotor blades. Torque causes the aircraft’s fuselage to spin in the opposite direction to the main rotor. We stock bearings and idler assembly’s for the tail rotor hub.

Tail Rotor Gearbox

Parts that we offer for the tail rotor gearbox are the bearings and shaft. The parts that we manufacture are critical to the anti-torque function of the tall rotor gearbox.


A helicopter transmission drives the main and tail rotors and is a critical and busy component to the helicopter. We offer bearings, bolts and more, for the bell transmission.

Swashplate Assembly

The helicopter swashplate converts stationary control inputs from the pilot into rotating inputs which is connected to the rotor blades or control surfaces. We provide a variety of bearings, ring assembly’s and more for the swashplate. Our swashplate support is built to the latest and greatest specifications.