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Unmatched in the Industry

“Our experience with critical and complex parts is unique in the industry and our new relationship with Kaman Corporation is going to allow us to further expand both our customer base and product line.”

— Larry Shiembob, general manager of EXTEX Engineered Products, Inc

Over the past two decades, EXTEX Engineered Products, Inc. (formerly TAAT, Timken Alcor Aerospace Technologies) of Mesa, Ariz., has developed an industry-leading position in designing and supplying high-precision, aftermarket aerospace replacement parts for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The company’s proven innovations have helped it maintain a leading-edge position in the industry, which in turn has helped its clients excel in their own market niche.

EXTEX customers are primarily independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, which have been strong supporters over the years. “I think what’s important is the proven track record of our products and service levels,” said Larry Shiembob, general manager. “We produce many critical and complex parts that are not provided by any other aftermarket companies. For example, we have FAA approvals on five compressor wheels and more turbine blades than any other aftermarket company.” In some cases, new engineering designs by EXTEX have been adopted by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

EXTEX specializes in replacement parts for engines, including the Rolls-Royce M250, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, the Honeywell T53, and various auxiliary power units (APUs); additional parts manufacturer approval (PMA) applications include gearbox parts, rotor head components, a “Our product line is pretty well unmatched in the industry,” said Shiembob. In addition to holding FAA approvals, EXTEX provides design, testing, quality and supply chain management expertise. Parts fabrication is completed by manufacturing partners, which “allows us to use the most cost-effective aerospace suppliers,” said Shiembob.

The company maintains a significant technical staff of quality inspectors, design engineers, supply chain management, and customer support personnel. Engineering support extends into the field around the world, providing customers with hands-on, immediate support.

Maintaining the lead has its share of challenges, noted Shiembob. “The challenge is growth, and part of that is driven by the increased competitiveness of the OEMs,” he said. “So we are always working to provide a better value proposition. Whether it is providing a more durable part, a more cost-effective part, better service—that is what we are working at—providing the best value proposition possible.” To that end, the company continually looks for ways to enhance the design of its original equipment and replacement parts. This includes integrating innovative features that help improve performance, maintenance, and service life.

EXTEX’s performance and reputation caught the attention of Kaman Corporation, which in October 2015, acquired EXTEX from the Timken Company. “We are now a part of Kaman,” explained Shiembob. EXTEX joins Kamatics, GRW, and RWG as part of Kaman Specialty Bearings & Engineered Products, a division of Kaman Aerospace. Shiembob believes that the acquisition by Kaman is definitely a positive. “From our standpoint, they are a much more aerospace-focused company, they are interested in growth, and they have familiarity with our existing markets, as well as access to additional markets. So they can help us with our current products and customers, and will also help us gain access to other aerospace markets.” In combination with an excellent supplier base and continued investment in advanced process technology, EXTEX Engineered Products will be able to continue offering customers high-precision FAA-approved replacement parts. The company knows that it is vital to maintain sound process and inventory management to ensure quality, reliability, short lead times, and low cost. “The key point is we have established a great track record over the last 20 years,” said Shiembob. “Our experience with critical and complex parts is unique in the industry and our new relationship with Kaman Corporation is going to allow us to further expand both our customer base and product line.”

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